The 1963 Franco-Monegasque tax treaty

The Principality of Monaco and France have signed two tax treaties, the first in 1950 relating to the rules of inheritance taxation and the second in 1963 relating to the rules of income of natural and legal persons taxation. These treaties, which are still in force, were each concluded in a very different political context and therefore have different rules and implications.

Monaco, a pionner in digital identity

As part of its ongoing digital transition via its Extended Monaco programme, the Principality has been offering since last month to its nationals and foreign residents, a sovereign digital identity with the highest security standards, thus entering the very few countries that are the most advanced in digital technology, like Singapore and Luxembourg.

Landlords in the rent-controlled sector: soon to receive financial compensation?

In the Principality of Monaco, Act no. 1.235 relating to rental conditions for certain residential premises which were built or completed before September 1st, 1947 allows Monegasque citizens, as well as the “Enfants du Pays”, to find accommodation whose rents, defined and supervised by the State, are clearly lower than the liberalised sector regarding older properties.

Towards an evolution of the property traders' profession in Monaco

The increase in the number of property traders and the tax advantages they benefit from in the Principality prompted the National Council to react. The bill n°252 relating to the regulation of the profession aims to provide it with an autonomous legislative framework, and to establish it as a regulated profession, both in terms of access and practice.

Towards a new decommissioning law of state-owned property?

The National Council of Monaco voted unanimously on last May 10th the bill no. 253 relating to information on draft laws intended to pronounce the decommissioning of Monegasque state-owned property. The decommissioning entails the declassification of the land belonging to the State or the Municipality for the benefit of a private operator, which is a prerequisite for any disposal of this property.

Villa Lamartine, a friendly and intergenerational place in the making

This remarkable 19th century listed building, with a surface area of 1000 sqm and located at 19, boulevard Princesse Charlotte, in Monaco, is currently being renovated to become a lively space and place for culture, leisure and entertainment. At the end of 2023, this public building, which until a few weeks ago hosted the sound and video library, will be designed to be intergenerational and will firstly welcome senior citizens and then, in a second phase, younger people.

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