Online renewal of residence permits for monegasque residents

For several months now, Monaco has been offering its nationals and foreign residents a regal digital identity with the highest security standards. New identity cards and residence permits, equipped with an electronic chip, enable the Principality's residents to carry out their daily procedures online, to access public and private services online in a secure and simplified way.

Monegasque real estate professionals facing financial crimes

Since 1993, the Principality of Monaco has pursued an active policy in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism ("AML/CFT") and intends to guarantee a level of legal security for monetary and financial transactions in line with the standards of a modern and attractive banking centre.

Did you know? Monaco residency edition

The Principality of Monaco remains an exceptional location that benefits from an outstanding quality of life, with an image of security, economic prosperity and favourable taxation. For all these reasons and many more, it is tempting to want to settle in the Principality but many preconceived ideas are still floating around, particularly regarding the conditions of residence/settlement.
We would like to take a closer look at some of these notions.

A mechanism aimed to ensure the Monegasque rent-controlled sector

In Monaco, the rent-controlled sector is related to most apartments located in buildings constructed or completed before September 1st, 1947. Protected tenants, mainly Monegasques and “Enfants du Pays”, are allowed to benefit from dwelling with moderate rents set by the State and lower than those set in the non-regulated sector. These dwellings are subject to law no. 1.235 of December 58th, 2000, as amended, which also aims to protect their rights.

New property developments still booming in Monaco

The Principality's real estate development is ongoing in order to extend its living space, both in the private and public sectors, and to take advantage of its small territory; this is evidenced by the many new luxury developments that are successfully transforming certain districts and whose delivery is approaching.

Îlot Pasteur: The Wurtemberg footbridge revealed

The Ilôt Pasteur* project is part of the Principality's urban transformation and its desire to promote soft mobility. As proof of this, it will be possible in a few years to walk to Fontvieille district from the Jardin Exotique and the new Princess Grace Hospital via this new complex.

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