Property management



You own a property in the Principality and would like to rent it?

In order to facilitate this process we offer you our service by giving you the benefit of the skills of our qualified and experienced professional team, entirely dedicated to the management of your rented properties. Don't worry about anything, we take care of everything!


Our mission starts with the evaluation of a fair rental price that will ensure you the best possible rental income. In the following years, we will ensure that this price will be updated according to market fluctuations and demand, in order to better protect your financial interests.

As soon as the management mandate is signed, here are the different tasks we are able to propose you to handle:


  • marketing of your properties on all our media and promotion to our network of partners, in order to optimize the rental of your properties in a minimum period of time;
  • organization of viewings of your properties, followed up by reports;
  • strict selection and preparation of the application file of the tenants by making sure to receive all the guarantees of solvency in particular;
  • drawing up and signing rental contracts and drawing up inventories of fixtures which, can be drawn up by a bailiff if wished;
  • carrying out administrative formalities such as registering the lease with the Tax Authorities or any other organization required by law.;
  • establishment of all subscription contracts relating to electricity, water, telephone and Internet, maintenance of boilers, air-conditioning, etc.;
  • subscription of the necessary insurance policies;
  • management of rental receipts, calls for capital issued by the administrator of the building, yearly adjustments of condominium charges; take advantage of our direct debit service set up with our tenants in order to reduce the risk of unpaid bills and/or late payments;
  • bill payment management on your behalf;
  • payment of rents and charges with detailed quarterly management reports;
  • completion of various tax formalities if necessary;
  • representation at the general meetings of co-ownerships;
  • monitoring and advising on maintenance and repair works, in order to enhance and always keep your real estate properties in perfect condition;
  • possible management of claims;
  • possible management of disputes with the tenant or the co-ownership.

Generally speaking, our multidisciplinary team makes every effort to preserve and continually improve your assets and selects the best companies and service providers for all its clients. This allows us to offer you advantageous prices with well-known professionals.


You will be regularly informed of the situation of your properties and your tenants. For all these reasons, do not hesitate to contact us to initiate a relationship of trust!