Marketing Strategy


As a real estate agency, we aim to guide you throughout the whole process of the transaction of your property, having simply in mind to optimize the price and the delay. Based on our experience and expertise of the (Monegasque) market, we will advise you the most suited marketing strategy. Indeed, 3 main strategies can be considered:

  • Purely "off-market": Your property will not be advertised to the public. We will present it only to our direct network composed of a list of potential buyers and prescribers. Some information such as the price, photos, surface, … can remain secrets.
  • Targeted markets: An in-between strategy, where your property will be advertised on a very few appropriate mediums, in addition to our direct network.
  • Fully advertised: Your property will be broadcasted on all mediums, digital, prints, magazines, agency’s window and so on, ensuring a strong visibility.


The properties represented by Valeri Agency benefit from a special attention and important advertising resources in order to provide the greatest possible visibility. We connect buyers and sellers locally and internationally. Discover our approach and our different marketing tools.


Our Network

Our strongly established team at Valeri Agency including his native founder, seriously invested in the Principality’s life, will help you in any kind of situation. Beyond real estate, you will benefit from our extended connections, from local and international buyers, administration, lawyers, banks, accountants, architects, building services, service providers.


Our Website

Your property will be advertised on Valeri Agency website. We always try to improve our visibility and our ranked position on popular keywords thanks to important human and financial resources. The website attracts more than three thousand visitors each month and his known by prescribers and professionals as an off-market reference in the Principality.

Digital Marketing

Our agency is using, in-house, a wide range of digital marketing tools to spread the word about your property, ensuring the widest audience locally and around the world. In addition to social media with hundreds of followers regularly updated with content and sponsored advertising, we also send newsletters and targeted emails to hundreds of prospects, clients, partners, investors, ... At the same time, your property is advertised on numerous specialised real estate’s websites.


Photography and Video

With our in-house photographer, you will have the guarantee that your property will be quickly presented in its best light. In addition to the photography, the video is also getting very useful, enhancing large volumes and creating more dynamic exhibitions.



We will invest on local and international newspapers and dedicated magazines, to promote your property for sale or rent.

We will print and hand out our own and branded annual magazine and also develop unique brochures, sent to potential buyers or partners featuring your property.


Agency’s shop window

We will broadcast in our agency’s window, your property with all the important details. With our office located in a strategic area, your estate will take advantage of an important traffic.



Events are very efficient to attract the attention on your property as well as connecting potential buyers to sellers. Open houses are the best initiative to let the audience discover and live your apartment’s atmosphere. The agency will occasionally organize cocktails, inviting potential and existing clients as well as advisors and take the opportunity to present exclusive properties and latest news.