A new stage in the energy transition

The Principality of Monaco, which is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, has set up a national action plan focusing in particular on energy performance in buildings.

With this in mind, some new measures have recently been pronounced by the Government to encourage owners to improve the insulation of dwellings and buildings, and thus make significant energy savings on heat loss. Ministerial Order n°2020-539 of 7 August 2020, whose provisions came into force on September 1st, 2020, introduces a subsidy that can be granted to owners wishing to replace single-glazed windows in their dwellings, or in the common areas of their buildings, provided their construction was completed at least 10 years ago.

The amount of the subsidy per owner depends on the number of dwellings concerned, calculated with a percentage applied to the amount of the work (including tax) and capped at a certain amount per window. This percentage and cap are degressive according to the number of dwellings. However, in all cases, the total amount allocated to a single owner may not exceed €20,000 including tax.

For example: from the 1st to the 5th dwelling, the owner will receive 40% of the amount including tax of the work, limited to €400 per window; from the 6th to the 10th dwelling: 30% of the amount including tax of the work, limited to €300 per window, etc...

The amount of the subsidy awarded to the beneficiary for the renovation of the common areas of residential or mixed-use buildings is calculated in the same way as for housing: from 1 to 5 windows: 40% of the amount including tax of the work, limited to 400 euros per window, etc...

These percentages and caps are increased in the following cases:

  • for the residential premises subject to the law n°1.235 of December 28th, 2000 until August 31st, 2023 ;
  • when a building company established in the Principality of Monaco is used to carry out the installation ;
  • for any application for payment of a subsidy submitted before August 31st, 2025.

Not only does these measures provide an incentive to improve the thermal and acoustic comfort of properties, they also increase their value. The Valeri Agency team is at your disposal to help you in the management and enhancement of your property. Do not hesitate to contact us !