Rental guide


Are you looking for a property to rent in the Principality? Our agency will be able to assist you efficiently in order to quickly find the property best suited to your needs and your budget.


Indeed, the Monegasque property micro-market is constantly evolving and it is therefore necessary to have up-to-date knowledge of the market and understand the legal, administrative and legislative conditions governing rentals in the Principality.


We offer you a wide selection of properties, those that we of course have in our portfolio but also those offered by other Monegasque real estate players.


For greater efficiency, and knowing that we collaborate on a daily basis with local agencies, there is no need to go and consult too many intermediaries. By contacting our agency, the entire market will be accessible to you and we will centralise for you the research and the organisation of visits.


Once you have made your choice, the rental process continues in several stages:

This pre-contractual document provides the information about the lessee, about the property chosen, the financial statement and determines the general terms of the future lease contract.

We will need to attach aside from the offer the following documents:

  • Valid identity card or resident's card.
  • Proof of residence (electricity bill or other utility bill).
  • Bank details (preferably a Monegasque bank), bank guarantee and/or any other proof of solvency.
  • Cheque or deposit transfer, in order to retain the property and prove the seriousness of the offer, the amount of which includes the security deposit as well as the agency fees.
  • Some other forms could be requested depending your profile and the expectations of the landlord.

Here is a summary, according to the usual practice in the Principality, of the various financial sums to be paid, before getting the keys:

  • 3 months' rent; very often, the rent is payable by anticipated quarter.
  • Security deposit: as a general rule, if the apartment is empty, 3 months' rent plus rental charges.
  • 1% registration fees calculated on the rent and charges, over the term of the lease. This rate may be increased by 0.5%, if third-party guarantee is requested.
  • If the inventory of fixtures is carried out by a bailiff, a provision is required. The cost will be generally supported by the lessee on entry and the lessor on exit. The price will vary according to the state and size of the apartment. Generally it costs between 500€ and 2 000€.
  • Administrative costs: around 20 euros depending on the agency.
  • Agency fees, which represent 10% excluding tax + VAT or 12% tax including, calculated on the first year's rent only.

If this rental offer is accepted and countersigned by the lessor or his representative, you will be legally bound without the possibility of withdrawal unless suspensive conditions occur. It is then necessary to gather all the requested documents, to pay the balance due and to sign a rental contract or "lease".

This contract shall be drawn up and submitted to both parties for signature.

The lease is then registered with the Tax Authorities, and your copy will be given to you so that you can apply for residence with the « Sûreté Publique » if wished, in order to be entitled to live in the Principality (For more information, we suggest you read our section "Settling in Monaco /Establishing residence /Applying for a residence card").

Our dedicated staff will be able to help you in taking out a multi-risk home insurance certificate, necessary for the entire duration of the contract and provided prior to the handing over of the keys. It will also be able to set up the necessary subscriptions such as electricity, water and telephone/Internet contracts.

An inventory of fixtures will have been established beforehand by our agency or by a bailiff, in your presence or with a person representing you, at the latest on the day you enter. This is an essential document as it will ensure that at the end of your lease, the property will be left in the same condition as when you entered, and that consequently the security deposit is giving back to you entirely.

Our agency remains your sole representative throughout the duration of your lease and can get you in touch with contractors or service providers to ease your daily life or respond to issues related to the leased property.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any rental request!