Управление зданием


Why choose us to manage your co-ownership?


Our agency, a young and dynamic structure founded in 2016, is already a key player on the Monegasque market and is an integral part of the « Chambre Immobilière ». Since its establishment, the agency has steadily developed, firstly in the rental management area and since 2020 in the co-ownership management expertise. The organisation, which now has around ten employees, has been designed around these professions and allows us to provide a high level of responsiveness and quality service.

Choosing us is choosing the present but also the future.


Qualified and experienced, our multidisciplinary team dedicated to the administration and management of buildings offers all the administrative, legal, accounting and technical skills, ensuring a high level of responsiveness on our part.



We have the latest IT tools at our disposal to ensure efficient management and accounting. Thanks to a personal internet access you will be able to consult your accounts and the co-ownership documents freely and at any time. Indeed, we believe that transparency and a good communication are essential in the co-ownership life.



We closely monitor the administration of co-ownerships, always with the aim of preserving and enhancing the value of our property owners' assets. Cost control is an integral part of our priorities.

We work with a vast network of service provider-partners covering the various professions working in the buildings we manage. The quality of these partnerships and the large volume of work carried out give us a certain negotiating power with regard to prices and deadlines, while guaranteeing the quality of the work and a reactive after-sales service.



Transparency, trust, reactivity, and commitment are the values that make the reputation of Valeri Agency. We like to build a long-term relationship with our clients and take all major decisions together with them in order to better defend their interests, as we would do for our own assets.