The "CMB RED" project continues to modernise the Carré d'Or

Valeri Agency attended the presentation of the "CMB RED" project, recently approved by the local council, which involves the construction of a contemporary 23-storey building in the heart of the Monte-Carlo district.

Подробнее... 04/12/2023


The "Service d'Information et de Contrôle sur les Circuits Financiers" (SICCFIN) has become the Monegasque Financial Security Authority (AMSF), which will be an independent administrative authority with extended powers.

Подробнее... 02/10/2023

New provisions for monegasque legal entities

Following the recommendations of the Report drawn up by the MONEYVAL Committee, new provisions will apply to all legal entities, including trading and non-trading companies, and will be mandatory from 30 September 2023 at the latest.

Подробнее... 26/09/2023

Real estate inheritance in Monaco

When someone dies, an inheritanceis set up to transfer on the deceased's assets to his or her heirs. What Monegasque law applies and what about taxation? Explore this article to find out how an inheritance works in the Principality of Monaco.

Подробнее... 25/09/2023

Increase of the fixed registration duty and proportional duties

Increase in registration duties and proportional duties from October 2023. A law designed to make the tax system applicable to transparent companies more attractive and, at the same time, to increase the taxation of opaque companies.

Подробнее... 25/09/2023

The new edition of our magazine is out

The digital version of the fourth edition of our real estate magazine is out. As you browse through it, you'll discover publications and perspectives on real estate, including a review of the 2022 Monegasque property market and articles about our agency.

Подробнее... 13/09/2023

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