A new stage in the energy transition

The Principality of Monaco, which is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, has set up a national action plan focusing in particular on energy performance in buildings.

Housing benefits and allowances instituted for tenants living in Monaco

With a limited building area, the price of real estate in Monaco is notoriously high, even the highest in the world. Accommodation in Monaco can therefore be difficult for some tenants with modest incomes whether they are Monegasques or of other nationalities.

For this reason, and in order to continue to play its social role, the State has set up housing aid measures to prevent the rent burden from becoming too heavy.


Gradual disappearance of buildings built before 1947: how to ensure the sustainability of the rent-controlled sector?

The rent controlled sector concerns most of the apartments located in buildings constructed or completed before September 1st, 1947 and enables “protected” tenants, mainly Monegasque people and “Children of the nation”, to benefit from dwellings at controlled rents, fixed by the State and lower than those in the non-regulated sector. Such dwellings are subject to Law No 1.235, which also aims to protect their rights.

The Monegasque real estate market is still in full growth

The Principality remains the most expensive premium real estate market in the world and ignores the current particular and tumultuous period. Indeed, unlike other industries which are already fully suffering the economic consequences, the Monegasque property market is relentlessly pursuing its development.

Рестораны, бары и кафе Монако снова открываются: возможности на месте!

The restaurants, cafés and bars of the Principality reopened on June 2nd complying with strict rules: in addition to the health measures required, it will be preferable to make reservations for a maximum of 6 people per table.

This resumption of activity, which has been awaited for many weeks, will perhaps motivate the most undecisive persons to initiate or follow their professional project of installation or extension in the Principality.

Последняя общественная парковка в Монако

The construction of the new underground car park, perpendicularly to the Portier street and on the edge of the future Anse du Portier eco-neighborhood, has been completed and the public can now use its 155 car spaces, including 10 reserved for electric vehicles in service and 16 pre-equipped and 7 reserved for people with reduced mobility, in addition to 34 spaces for two-wheelers. The entire complex is spread over 4 levels.

Коммерческая и профессиональная арендная плата во время кризиса, каковы возможности развития?

In order to overcome the economic difficulties encountered by monegasque companies, caused by the suspension of the activity due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, the National Council adopted, at the Public Session of April 6th, 2020, a draft law relating to the commercial and professional lease contracts for tenants in the private sector.

Стань резидентом Монако

For one hundred and fifty years, the legend of Monaco has remained unalterable. Always fascinating and blooming, the Principality, remains an outstanding place which benefits from an unequalled quality of life enjoying an image of security, serenity, economic prosperity and advantageous tax system.

Фонвьей, новая коммерческая деревня

In 2027, the aspect of the Fontvieille district will be transformed to become a place of the Riviera that will be iconic. The Prince's Government has signed a partnership with Socri, a company specialized in exceptional programs with a strong environmental dimension, to completely restructure the shopping center.

Последние новости

As every year the Monegasque Institute of Statistics (IMSEE), publishes the figures as part of a real estate study. The objective is to present one of the major industry of the Monegasque economy, and more specifically the private sector for residential use as well as its ten-year evolution.