Monaco is the 2nd smallest country in the world with a territory of just over 2km². This city-state is located on the French Riviera, landlocked in the South-East of France. The city of Nice is 20km to the west and the Italian border is less than 15km to the east.

Because Monaco is trapped between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of the Southern Alps, the climate is Mediterranean, which consists of a humid subtropical conditions with mild and humid winters and hot summers with lots of sun. The average yearly temperature is 16.3°C. The average temperature ranges from 10.2°C in January to 23.7°C in August. Temperatures are never too high, thanks to the sea wind. However, the nights can be very hot and humid (+20 °C) in summer because of the high sea temperature (up to 26 °C in August). The average annual sunshine is around 2,500-2,600 hours and the number of rainy days is low : 62 days per year.