If you intend to estimate your property before selling it, if you wish to assess the value of your property or if you have questions regarding inheritance, our dynamic and responsive team is at your disposal.


To meet the highest standards and to respond to all projects, we accompany our Monegasque and international clientele with an extended range of real estate services.

We are very proud to inform you that our agency is from now on qualified to realise real estate valuations in the Principality of Monaco and France.


Valuation appraisal

A real estate valuation is a legal act to determine the market value of a property that could be sold or purchased under normal free market circumstances.

In order to define a value, we rely on legal, technical, accounting, tax and economic data. Thanks to numerous quantitative and qualitative criteria, concerning the property (surface, condition, location, view...) but also its environment (access, surrounding shops, noise...).

A valuation can be requested for many reasons, for private individuals, companies or local authorities. It may simply be a matter of informing an owner who wishes to know the value of his property or to help him make a decision based on a particular situation (e.g. donation, divorce, succession, etc.). But also to advise a buyer. A professional civil liability insurance specific to the real estate expertise activity guarantees the mission.


When should we have recourse to a valuation appraisal?

  • Buying, selling or exchanging a property

  • Sharing or donation

  • Divorce or inheritance

  • Applying for a loan

  • Declaration of real estate wealth tax

  • Tax inspection or adjustment

  • Fixing or revising rent

  • Merger, contribution, transfer or purchase of real estate within the company

The expert can choose between different valuation methods, depending on the situation and the motivations of the applicant, but also with regard to the specificities of the property and the market. The main methods recognised and used in Europe are the following:

  • The comparison method or market method: this consists of assigning to the different types of surface area a price per sqm calculated by comparing them with references from transactions carried out in the same property market, involving identical or at least comparable premises. If we do not have enough similar references, a selection of properties still being marketed can also be taken into consideration.


  • The capitalisation or rental profitability method: this is based on the financial flows of the asset (actual or theoretical rent) and the returns that these represent.

  • The Hedonist method: this method allows us to determine a more accurate price based on comparable properties and an average value per square metre observed in the sector. To do this, this method takes into account all the specific features of the property and its environment, thanks to the application of various proven coefficients of increase or decrease (view, sunshine, surface, standing, etc.)


  • The reverse developer's balance sheet method: the value of the property is calculated according to the return on investment that could be generated by a real estate restructuring project (construction, resale, restructuring) taking into account all the urban potential. In other words, the method looks at what could be and not what is.

  • The method by capitalisation of future financial flows (DCF): also known as Discounted Cash-Flow, its aim is to approximate the amount that an investor would be prepared to commit, at time "T", in anticipation of the cash flows of future years. The amount determined by this method corresponds to the price that the buyer is willing to pay for this investment, insofar as this investment allows him to cover the cost of capital (debt and equity) incurred.


In Monaco, even more than elsewhere, it is worthwhile using a local property expert. On the one hand, because the financial stakes are considerable, given the observed price per square metre, and on the other hand, because the market is difficult to understand, particularly due to the absence of public data and the limited number of similar references.

Also, despite the narrowness of its territory, there are substantial price differences from one neighbourhood to another, from one building to another, and even from one floor or block to another. This is known as a micro-market.

This is why we provide our clients our perfect knowledge of the market, thanks to our experience and expertise.

Sales process :

  1. 1st meeting, information and discovery of the property

  2. Detailed valuation of your property

  3. Gathering of the mandatory documents for the sale

  4. Signing of a sales mandate and definition of the conditions

  5. Promotion of the property (photos/videos)

  6. Commercialisation on our different media with a personalised marketing plan 

  7. Selection of buyers

  8. Start of viewings

  9. Receipt and presentation of offers

  10. Negotiation/acceptance

  11. Drafting of the sales file

  12. Signature of the preliminary sales agreement

  13. Release of the various suspensive conditions

  14. Signature of the deed of sale 


The price of our valuation is on request. Do not hesitate to contact us, it is without commitment.

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