Monaco is an independent principality which has been a constitutional monarchy since 1911, with a Prince at the head of the state. The Executive power consists of a State Minister, who chairs a Council of Government composed of six members (himself and five Councillors-Ministers), responsible solely in front of the Prince.

According to the 1962 Constitution, the Prince shares legislative power with the National Council which is a unicameral parliament. The twenty-four members of this legislature are elected for five years under multi-member voting system with a part of proportional representation and by universal suffrage.

The Municipal Council is in charge of local affairs. It consists of an assembly of fifteen members elected for four years by universal suffrage and by multi-member voting system with two rounds but without proportional representation, chaired by the mayor.

The judiciary belongs to the Prince but wants to be completely independent. The Prince delegates full exercise of it to the courts and tribunals which administer justice in his behalf.